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The Prophetic Palette: An Artist's Faith Journey with Guest Jenny Joy

This is my first blog post for my Powerful Whispers Podcast, welcome! I wanted to create a blog post to house the amazing FREE DOWNLOAD that Jenny wanted to share with everyone.

Imagine painting a masterpiece with Jesus by your side, guiding each stroke of your brush - that's the reality for my guest today, a prophetic artist Jenny Joy. She's not just an artist, she's also a builder of people and buildings and she joins us in a powerful conversation about her unique faith journey and the transformative potential of prophetic art.

Jenny reveals how her art serves as a direct line to God and becomes a vehicle for delivering prophetic messages. We explore the different forms creativity can take, and you will learn that creativity comes in many shapes and size, we are all creative uniquely!

To help get your creative juices flowing make sure to grab her FREE DOWNLOAD of Walking with Jesus Journal Prep. (at the end of the post)

Quote from guest
The Lord knows

Jenny Joy's story is one of faith and creativity intricately entwined. Her artistic journey is an act of worship and a direct line of communication with God. Her canvases are not just aesthetic expressions; they are also spiritual dialogues, becoming vehicles to deliver divine messages. Jenny's art is a testament to the transformative potential of prophetic art, and in this podcast episode, she unravels her inspiring journey with us.


Jenny's relationship with her faith is deeply personal and profoundly transformative. She met the Lord in a challenging period of her life, grappling with alcoholism, debt, and the struggles of single parenthood. Her encounter with God not only pulled her out of her dark abyss but also guided her towards a life of love, peace, and creative fulfillment.


As a prophetic artist, Jenny's work is deeply rooted in her faith. She talks about the joy and spiritual growth she derives from her creativity, emphasizing that everyone has unique creative expressions that can serve as acts of worship. One of the most enlightening aspects of her conversation is the exploration of unagented time as a sacred practice with the Lord, leading to rest and confidence in faith.


Jenny’s artistry doesn't stop at the canvas. She is also a builder of people and buildings. Her love for construction management mirrors her love for creativity, providing a strategic and linear contrast to her artistic pursuits.

quote from quest
We are all creative in some way


One of the key takeaways from Jenny's interview is the significance of being obedient and listening to God's voice. The importance of trusting in divine guidance from the Lord, even when it might be daunting or out of one’s comfort zone, resonates deeply.


Jenny also discusses the joy she derives from her 'Monday meandering adventures.' This involves spending her Mondays in active rest, exploring the outdoors, and connecting with God through nature. This practice, which she began in 2020, has become a meaningful part of her spiritual journey and has contributed to her artistic inspiration.


This interview with Jenny Joy is not just about an artist and her creative journey. It's about the transformative power of faith, the liberating beauty of creativity, and the divine connection that can exist between the two. It's about understanding that we all have our unique ways of expressing our faith and that these expressions, in whatever form they may take, can serve as profound acts of worship.


Jenny Joy's artistic journey is a testament to the powerful intersection of faith and creativity. It is a reminder that our creative expressions can serve as a beautiful, personal language of worship and communication with God. Whether through a brushstroke on a canvas or a prayer in a quiet moment, we all have the capacity to express our faith in ways that are profoundly personal and deeply meaningful.


Listen to Jenny Joy's Episode on Apple Podcasts or Spotify or other major platforms.

Photo of guest
Jenny Joy

Jenny is a builder of both people and buildings. She has an eye for seeing the gold that lies within people and systems. Her voice is made to call forth that gold, speak truth in love and launch people toward their dreams. Jenny is specifically called to restore the hearts of men to the mother heart of God and walks that out daily in her 20+ year career in construction. Creativity is also a way Jenny connects with people and God deeply. She is a creative encourager and prophetic voice helping individuals hear from the Lord through her paintings. She unlocks people’s creative potential and speaks life to dry bones. Jenny is the host of Monday Meanderings where she adventures with God on unplanned road trips on Mondays. As she rests in the Lord and follows God’s prompting she ends up at various beautiful, peaceful, prayerful places and she shares those meandering moments on Facebook.

Walk with Jesus Journal Prep from Jen
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