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All About
Christa Joy

Christa Joy Spaeth is the founder of Christa Joy Ministries. It was in 2022 when Minnesota-based author Christa received a compelling message from God. In a prayer cabin called “Whisper,” He prompted her to write a seven-week devotional.

Since then, Christa’s eyes, heart, and ears were opened to more whispers, so that she may start fulfilling her new purpose of helping the hurting and share the love of Christ.

Christa is a blessed wife, mother of two, and a successful businesswoman. She is a woman ignited with a burning passion to walk in the rhythm of God’s plan, each day. So much so that in 2022, she took a bold step, bidding goodbye to her long-standing career as a Registered Dietitian at a high-profile food manufacturing company. It wasn’t an easy step, but it was a step of faith, one that led her closer to the purpose God had for her: encouraging others through Christ.

Today, Christa owns and operates Christa Joy Ministries where she publishes her own books, hosts a podcast, and writes daily encouragements on her social media. In addition, she does guest blog posts for various social media accounts.

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Christa is a Registered Dietitian with a Master’s in Nutrition. She has extensive experience working in a test kitchen and with K12 nutrition for a large food manufacturer. Christa also worked as an independent dietitian consultant analyzing menus, and as a community volunteer. 

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