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Praying Daily

"Praying Daily: Blessings in Action" is a podcast for your daily encouragement of scripture readings and prayers. Join us for a heartfelt prayer to enrich your day, nourish your soul, and draw you closer to God. Subscribe now and let the power of daily prayer strengthen you. 

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Our Story

The Lord called the founder of Praying Daily to be a Prayer Warrior back in 2022. Christa Joy would pray for others through social media and her books. In 2024, the Lord called her to create a Podcast, a website, and a Youtube channel to broader reach those in need prayer.  

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Would you rather leave a voicemail instead of typing a prayer request?

Hi Friend, 

Is it easier for you to leave a voicemail verses typing a prayer request? The please leave us a message on the link below. You will be taken to a site powered by SpeakPipe where you can leave a 60 second message.

Only Prayer Team members will listen to the recordings!

Praying great favor over you,

Blessings in Action Prayer Team

Interested in Supporting Praying Daily?

Hi Friends, 

If you're enjoying my faith-based ministry where I share Jesus love on two podcasts: Praying Daily, Powerful Whispers Podcast; my books, or my social media postings and would like to say thanks, or encourage and support me on this journey, you can buy me a coffee! Any amount you contribute would be so greatly appreciated. Podcasting and book launches are spendy, but I know it's all for God's glory so I continue to move forward to give God glory. Please know that your donation, no matter how big or small, will help my podcast grow faster and help me reach more people for Jesus.

Blessings – Christa Joy Spaeth

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