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How to Deepen Your Faith with a 15-Day Bible Plan and Worship Suggestions on Psalms of Ascent

I pray you will be blessed by this month’s Bible Plan on the Psalms of Ascent. This collection of 15 Psalms (Psalms 120-134) is rooted in the spiritual heritage of ancient Israel. These Psalms were sung by the Israelites during their pilgrimage ascent in the hills to Jerusalem for three annual festivals. The three festivals were: Pesach (Passover), Shavuot (also known as Weeks or Pentecost), and Sukkot (also referred to as Tabernacles or Tents or Booths).

This journey of ascent symbolizes both a physical and spiritual journey toward the presence of God. In our modern context, these timeless verses continue to offer wisdom, comfort, and inspiration to those seeking a deeper connection with the Lord.

Starting your own journey of ascent leading up to Passover and Easter is a perfect way to prepare your heart for these great festivities where we will honor our Lord.

Blog title - 15 days in the Psalms of Ascent
15-Day Bible Plan on the Psalms of Ascent

The Psalms of Ascent cover a wide range of themes and emotions, reflecting the diverse experiences of many of our life's journey. You will read about cries of distress and longing for God's deliverance to songs of joy and celebration, each Psalm invites you to engage with God in a profound way.

Here is an overview of how the chapters are broken down.

·         Expression of the Israelites reliance on God in times of trouble (Psalms 120, 123, 124).

·         Expression of their confidence in the Lord’s protection and provision (Psalms 121, 125).

·         Celebration of the unity and peace found in God's presence (Psalm 122).

·         The restoration and renewal the Lord brings (Psalm 126).

·         The blessings of family and community (Psalm 128).

·         In times of persecution and adversity, they cling to the hope of God's deliverance (Psalm 129).

·         They find comfort in His unfailing love and mercy (Psalm 130).

·         Acknowledgement of the importance of humility and trust in God's sovereignty (Psalm 131).

·         Anticipation of the fulfillment of the Lord’s promises (Psalm 132).

·         Songs of praise and thanksgiving to the Lord (Psalms 134, 135).

As you dive into these 15 short chapters of the Psalms of Ascent, I pray the Lord highlights new scriptures that will feed your soul.  May you find comfort in the assurance of God's presence, strength in His promises, and joy in His salvation. Whether you are journeying through seasons of trial or celebration, these Psalms are a great reminder that God is with us every step of the way, guiding us, protecting us, and drawing us closer to Himself.

Features included in the Bible Plan
Features of the 15-day Bible plan

The FREE eleven-page 15-Day Bible Plan on the Psalms of Ascent was created due to popular request! Here are some tools I added to help you more engage with these beautiful Psalms.

1.    Each day I have provided a worship song about the Psalm. Several of the songs are verbatim to help you with memorizing. I find that listening to a worship song after reading the chapter brings new meaning to the chapter. All you have to do is click on the song title on the PDF and you will be directed to the song on YouTube. Most of the artists are not well known but are singing their hearts out to the Lord. Most are slow and melodic but one has jazz upbeat. I pray you enjoy this addition.

2.    I have included a page in the journal for you to write out your own song to the Lord based on the reading. This is very new practice for me but I have found it connects me to the chapter more. It is a private and special way to praise and honor the Lord. I encourage you to try and write your own song, don’t be discouraged and say I am not a song writer. God has made you and gifted you with so many talents, one of which is the talent of praising Him!

Here is a snippet of my song to the Lord based on Psalm 121:

As I gaze upon the hill and wonder how to move,
I cry out to you, oh Lord. I am reminded Lord that
You are my God, you are my strength!
You are my helper, You are my healer!
You are the Maker of heaven and earth!

3.    I have provided daily prompts to go along with each chapter. I pray this added time of reflection gives you more insight and excitement about each Psalm. I pray you enjoy these added prompts.


Enjoy this song today! This is just one of the fifteen songs I chose for you to listen to as you journey in the Psalms of Ascent!

Please let me know how you enjoy this new Bible Plan on the Psalms of Ascent. I would love to know what the Lord has shown you on your journey.

Download your FREE eleven-page Bible Plan on the Psalms of Ascent. Click the PDF link underneath this photo.

15-Day Bible Plan Cover for Psalms of Ascent
Cover of the 15-Day Bible Plan

15 Days Psalms of Ascent by Christa Joy Ministries
Download PDF • 901KB


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