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Thank you for your interest in the Blessings in Action Internship. I’m delighted that you're interested in diving into a transformative experience with me. As you consider applying, I pray this page will give you an idea of what the internship has in store for you. My heart is for being a mentor for a dynamic community of like-minded Christian women. Your registration marks the beginning of a unique journey filled with learning, connection, and exciting possibilities. Click the button below to be considered for part of the 2024 internship experience!

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Are you eager to draw closer to God, develop ministry skills, and/or enhance your leadership abilities? If you are craving guidance and next level experience, then joining Blessings in Action for a 9-month internship could be what you are looking for.
As you journey through this internship, I'll serve as your mentor, aiding you in honing a multitude of skills, while you play an instrumental role in providing invaluable support for my ministry.

In the coming year, we will center our attention on the Lord's divine peace, His unwavering protection, and the gentle whispers of the Lord's guidance for our lives. 

Who is this internship for?

Why Join Blessings in Action Internship Team?

Spirit Filled Adventure 


My primary purpose for my ministry revolves around Helping the Hurting for Jesus and encouraging others in their walk with the Lord. While collaboration is crucial throughout our engagement, we will also engage in joint monthly Bible study sessions and prayer. 


Contributing to an Impactful Ministry

Opportunity to contribute meaningfully to a Christ focused organization. Your input directly influences the publishing of podcasts, course creations, and the development of written material that impacts and inspires others.


Practical Expertise -
Skill Development

Gain hands-on experience in various practical areas such as content creation, editing, marketing, and project management. Learn the ins and outs of publishing, podcast production, social media management, and audience engagement.

Internship Roles

Multiple positions are open! Below describes some potential tasks and programs that may be part of the Blessings in Action Internship for Christa Joy Ministries. Christa reserves the right to add or subtract different platforms as technology is always changing. 

Access to a computer and the internet are required.


Interns will learn skills in platforms such as Canva, Mailer Lite, Spotify for Creators, YouTube, Meta Business Suite, Audacity, Clockify, Voxer, KingSumo, Zoom, Riverside, Milkshake App, Wix, and Udemy.

Newsletter Creations

  • Content Curation: Gather engaging and relevant content, articles, updates, and announcements for inclusion in the newsletter.


  • Writing and Editing: Craft compelling copy, headlines, and summaries that resonate with the audience, ensuring clarity, tone, and consistency.


  • Design and Layout: Collaborate to create visually appealing layouts, incorporating images, graphics, and branding elements.

Podcasting Editing 

  • Marketing Assets Creation: Design and produce promotional assets like audiograms, teaser clips, social media graphics, and episode trailers to market episodes.


  • Light Editing and Post-Production: Assist in the editing process by handling simpler tasks like removing background noise, adjusting levels, or adding music and sound effects as needed.


  • Research and Content Planning: Conduct research for upcoming episodes, gather relevant data or resources to support podcast topics or interviews.


  • Opt-In Creation: Collaborate to brainstorm and create new and engaging opt-in offerings, such as eBooks, guides, templates, or exclusive content.


  • Landing Page Optimization: Support the optimization of landing pages or forms associated with opt-ins, ensuring they are user-friendly and optimized for conversions.

Graphic Creations

  • Visual Content Creation: Develop original graphics, illustrations, or infographics aligned with brand for various platforms (social media, website, newsletters).


  • Template Design and Maintenance: Design and maintain templates for social media posts, ensuring consistency in style, branding, and messaging.


  • Reels and Stories Creation: Develop engaging and interactive content specifically for platforms like Instagram and Facebook or YouTube.

Course Creation 

  • Course Material Development: Collaborate in developing course materials, including presentations, worksheets, quizzes, and supplementary resources.


  • Assessment Creation: Assist in creating assessments, tests, and assignments aligned with course objectives, ensuring they accurately measure student learning.


  • Content Promotion: Creating promotional content such as social media posts, blog articles, or email campaigns to attract new students.

Bible Study Creation 

  • Content Creation: Research and brainstorm engaging and relevant content for Bible study sessions, including discussion questions, reflections, and study guides.


  • Graphic Design for Materials: Design visually appealing graphics, illustrations, or layouts to enhance the presentation and understanding of study materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the time commitment?

The time commitment is 10 hours a month of completing assigned tasks. 

2. Is there financial compensation for the internship hours I contribute?

There is no stipend or financial compensation for this internship. However, each month, Christa will provide one hour of coaching on a topic that you desire to know more about which may include but not limited to: podcasting, marketing, publishing, social media, etc. 

3. Are there specific requirements for applicants, such as educational background or prior experience?

No experience is necessary other than a good understanding of how to navigate on the computer and willingness to learn new skills. 

 4. What is the monthly schedule? 

Team Prayer meeting will be the third Wednesday of the month at noon CST virtually which is optional but highly recommended. You can work on your tasks during the month as they fit your schedule.

5. Is the internship open to individuals of all ages, or is there a specific age range targeted?

No, there are no age restrictions for the internship.  Individuals of all ages who share a passion for deepening their connection with God, developing ministry skills, and enhancing their leadership abilities. My goal is to create a diverse and inclusive community where individuals from various age groups can come together to learn and grow together.


6. Can you specify the timeframe for the internship?


Application deadline: January 28, 2024


Internship Interviews: January 31 & February 1, 2024


Internship & Orientation Begins: February 13, 2024


Internship Ends: November 13, 2024

Apply Today

Click to apply for the Blessings in Action Internship Program

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