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51 Worship songs that will bring you closer to God

Do you want to dive deeper into what the Lord has for you by incorporating worship into your devotions? Are you looking for a special unique worship set of songs to add to your Christian playlist? Then keep reading. Spending time in worship honors God and helps tune out the distractions of this world. Did you know that the term praise is mentioned 259 times in the Bible, and worship is mentioned 188 times?[1]

The fact that praise and worship is mentioned so many times in the Bible indicates how important worship is to God. God doesn’t need our worship, but He wants us to worship and He delights in our worship.

I created a unique and powerful devotional titled “Powerful Whispers” where music is one of the unique key daily elements. Each day, I have provided one musical suggestion to use during your praise and worship time, each song pairs perfectly with the scripture and message provided.

Discover the playlist of the 51 worship songs on YouTube which will help welcome the presence of the Lord. These encouraging worship songs are all listed in my book Powerful Whispers. Subscribe to my YouTube channel or playlist on Spotify for easy access to these songs and start listening today!

Check out Powerful Whispers: a 7-week journey discovering who you are to God today. Available on my website, use code MUSIC for Free Shipping on any order today.

What people are saying about devotional:

“I especially LOVE the Worship music suggestions for each day - as one who loves reading and music, the combo is so WONDER-FULL.” K.K.
“The worship recommendation helps me remember what I’ve read throughout the day as I keep humming or singing the song.” A.R.
"I love the music recommendations for each devotional. Highly recommend this 7-week study!” L.G.
“Not only can you hear His whispers while reading it but everything is backed with Scripture and my favorite part: with worship songs!” Amazon Customer

This playlist is intentionally created to include several unique, newer Christian artists that you may not of heard before. The rawness in worship is special, the tones are unique and I believe ushers in the presence of the Lord in a whole new way.

Popular artists you will find on the playlist:

  • Shane and Shane

  • Charity Gayle

  • Zach Williams

  • Many more

Check out these new and unique artists:

  • Clare Bell Worship

  • Micah Dillon

  • Kelly Outzen

  • Amanda Scrimale

  • Many more

Listen to 51 worship and praise songs today. Follow my YouTube playlist for easy access to these worship songs.

Click here to find this playlist on YouTube

Click here to purchase your own copy of my special devotional Powerful Whispers which uses these songs.

Please share your favorite worship song. Comment below your favorite so that I and others can listen to them too.

[1] “Word Counts: How Many Times Does a Word Appear in the Bible.” Truth in Reality, 8 Apr 2013, accessed 19 March, 2022, .


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